If you’re looking for a truck, it can be critical to know exactly what you’re looking for. In our neck of the woods, Pittsburgh trucks for sale can often be a gamble if you buy from the wrong dealership, as older trucks are more likely to have received the rough treatment that leads to rust, frame damage, body damage and more.

This is why we strongly recommend buying a late model used truck, as the relative young age and mileage of the truck can ensure you get plenty more miles out of your next big purchase! As we said though, PA used trucks for sale can often be a mixed bag, which is why we’ve compiled this little list of some of our favorite picks, all of which we conveniently happen to have in our inventory! Read on to find out what makes these PA trucks for sale some of our favorites!

1. Chevy Silverado

With a spacious interior, smooth ride, and resale value that sticks around, the Chevrolet Silverado is a good middle ground contender for best Pittsburgh trucks for sale. The styling is distinctive, you’re quite unlikely to confuse it for anything else when it drives by!

The Silverado has long been associated with reliability, durability, and longevity, and the newest models are no exception. The Silverado also tends to offer a more comfortable ride than most other trucks, and when it comes to a long day of work, sometimes that little bit of extra comfort makes all the difference!

Take a look at the Silverado we have for sale,and see if you can picture yourself driving it… if you can, it’s time to give us a call! Since 1975, it's been a long-running favorite of the American market, and once you give it a shot, you'll see why!

2. Ford F-150

We highly recommend the F150 for anyone that has a heavy load to bear, as its towing and hauling capacity run higher than most other trucks in its class. The excellent steering and handling make it a capable PA truck for sale, and it’s unmatched when it comes to off-road performance.

Comfortable seating, a roomy interior, and a lot more is on offer when you’re looking at a used Ford F150 for sale. In addition, the interior has been extremely well-engineered to prevent excess noise.

The F-series has long been a staple of Ford’s production line, and a test drive in this will show you why. If that sounds like a good plan to you, give us a call at 724-657-1551 and ask us about this F-150 Crew Cab Lariat Edition!

3. Ford Ranger

After an eight year hiatus from the North American market, the Ranger is back with a brand new look and feel! Redesigned and updated for the modern market, this modern classic is a bit more athletic than some of the other models listed.

Unlike the slow chugging of power that most trucks offer, this PA truck for sale is a lot more responsive, with acceleration being as responsive as you’d like! Its high wheelbase and 7,500 pound towing capacity make it an excellent choice for the off-road, whether working or playing! It follows in the spirit of the older Ford Ranger models, bringing truck capabilities in a smaller frame.

You may also find yourself quite compelled just by how it looks… take a look at our Ford Ranger for sale and let us know what you think! t

4. GMC Sierra

Among other reasons to pick this PA truck for sale over others, the Sierra is a great choice to buy used due to its sharp market value decrease after being purchased new, but holding resale value extremely well from there. GMC Sierras are known to be reliable and comfortable trucks, so it should certainly make for a good choice for you, but make sure to buy it used! Timing is crucial when it comes to holding the value of a vehicle, so purchasing one that's been well-maintained since it's purchase means that you should be driving an investment you can be excited about!

This is a great generalist truck, and won't let you down on reliability and comfort! There’s many different trim levels and packages available for the Sierra overall, but we’d recommend this one first and foremost!

5. Nissan Titan

Nissan had some wonderful ideas going into the making of this truck, and from the moment you get to give it a shot, you’ll understand what we mean! A lot of the perks from other trucks are noticeable here, including a quiet cab, comfortable ride and seating as comfortable as it is plenty, infotainment systems and more.

The handling is surprisingly agile, especially for a truck of this size, and this combined with the interior make the driving feel more like a crossover than a truck.

The base model of this truck also boasts more extra features than the base models of most other truck lines, so it could be a perfect pick on a budget where comfort is still a concern. Our favorite model is here, and it even comes with the PRO-4X package, making it much more off-road capable!\

No matter what truck you decide to buy, we hope this list has been influential and helpful in regards to your decision! If none of these have gotten your attention in particular, or if there was another truck you'd like to have seen on the list, we’d like you to know that we offer a vehicle finding service! As a dealership, we can often acquire vehicles cheaper and more quickly than the average consumer, and we do our best to pass that savings onto you! Click here to tell us all about what vehicle you’d like to end up in, and we’ll start the search for you! When it comes to the sale of trucks, SUV's, cars, and just about anything else, Castle Car Company should be your first and last stop!