This week, we’re choosing to highlight a particular vehicle that we’d like to talk about. There’s a lot of factors to be considered when buying a vehicle, and having a family makes that decision even more complicated, between budget, needs, wants, features, financing, and the storage capacity for yourself, the kids, and all the things you need to bring along.

SUV’s tend to be a great middle ground for a lot of families, given that SUV’s tend to have a lot more storage and passenger space without adding a whole lot of additional fuel cost, plus the fact that SUV’s usually come equipped with four-wheel drive, making it a safer and more winter-friendly choice than your average sedan. Naturally, you’re quite likely to see SUV’s as the choice of vehicle when it comes to families.

This begs a question: What’s the best family SUV? You might as well get the best one possible for yourself and your family, but which family SUV would that be? If you’re looking for the best large SUV for families, we have a recommendation!

The Ford Escape changes in popularity every year, but it’s been a top competitor ever since the Escape line came out. They tend to be a very good choice for families, as the price point is always competitive, there’s a lot more legroom than a comparable sedan, and it’s a capable hauler, without having to splurge on a truck.

In addition, some models of the Escape even come with a third row of seating, which can be a boon for larger families. It’s an affordable vehicle, with several different trim packages that can help you get the exact features you need in the vehicle. From the base model, the Ford Escape S, to the most premium trim level, the Ford Escape Titanium, there’s a lot of room for both features and negotiation in relation to them when it’s time to talk to a car dealer. Most Ford Escape models come with the same mechanical components, so the details generally boil down to creature comforts like temperature control, infotainment systems, parking assist, and similar drive-assist features.

Here at Castle Car Company, we’ve had and sold a lot of these vehicles over the years, and Ford Escapes always tend to sell quickly. Come see why for yourself! The best family SUV is one that a family can comfortably and affordably drive, and to that end, we’d strongly recommend the Ford Escape as a family vehicle. Even if it’s not the biggest of the best large SUV’s for families, it’s one that gives you a wonderful value on the money you spend towards getting your next car.

And when it’s time to get that next car, check out our inventory to see what we have available! We almost always have at least one of these on the lot, and if not, our expert salespeople would be happy to point you in the direction of another vehicle that should perfectly suit your needs!