What are the best PA used cars available to buy?

If your vehicle is starting to show its age, you might be interested in finding something in a bit better shape than your current ride. If you live in PA, where we do, you might also be wondering what the best vehicle to buy would be for Pennsylvania conditions. Here at Castle Car Company, we’re all about making sure you get the absolute perfect vehicle for you, so in the interest of making sure you get that information as soon as possible, we’ve made a little list of some of the best used cars for sale in Pittsburgh. If you’ve been searching, “used cars Pittsburgh” recently, look no further! We’ve got the information you need, and more than likely, the vehicle you’re looking for as well! Read on to find out more!

Ford Escape

When it comes to the Pennsylvania backroads, SUV’s and trucks tend to reign supreme, and given weather conditions, it’s no surprise! SUV’s in particular generally offer more 4WD/AWD options, and their greater weight than a car means more traction in the snow. According to US News, the Ford Escape is the most reliable budget SUV you can buy. Quite simply, if you just need a vehicle that can go wherever you need it to, the Ford Escape is a wonderful pick. It’s generally one of the top-selling vehicles when it comes to PA autosales overall, and with how selective the PA autosales market is, that’s certainly a sign of quality! We happen to have one of these on-hand for sale, which you can view here! https://www.castlecarcompany.com/vdp/18351244/Used-2017-Ford-Escape-Titanium-4WD-for-sale-in-Pittsburgh-PA-15222

Lexus LS

Maybe you’re looking for something a bit more…. Posh. A bit more comfortable, more luxurious than the competition. We’d strongly recommend the Lexus LS as an option, as the standard list of available features just seems to get better every year! The Lexus LS is AWD, making it comfortable and controllable when you’re on slick winter roads, and the infotainment system will make sure you’re always in the know about what’s happening under the hood and under your wheels. It’s sporty in the right ways, giving you the speed you need to get out of hazardous traffic situations without being so peppy you’re afraid to step on the gas when the time comes. We’d recommend this one, as we’ve had the chance to test this one out, and we’ve been loving it! https://www.castlecarcompany.com/vdp/18715082/Used-2020-Lexus-LS-LS-500-AWD-for-sale-in-Pittsburgh-PA-15222

Honda CR-V

Another strong pick, if you’re looking for an SUV, would be the Honda CR-V! It’s been a long-running favorite of the American market overall, as it provides all the utilities of an SUV without being too brutal to your wallet when it comes to the gas pump. The styling is also a key feature, as it stands out without causing a scene. Stylish, but not over-the-top. Most sources indicate it as a high-reliability vehicle, meaning you’ll also be forced to spend less at the garage whenever an issue does arise. Reliability simply gets better the newer you buy, so we’d recommend you take a look at this model! https://www.castlecarcompany.com/vdp/18413170/Used-2021-Honda-CRV-Touring-AWD-for-sale-in-Pittsburgh-PA-15222 Statistically, if you’re searching “used cars near me” anywhere in the US, you’re likely to end up in a CR-V, though it’s even more likely if you’re living in Pennsylvania! 

Volvo XC60

With a fun, sporty engine, surprisingly spacious interior, and a long list of driver assistance features, the Volvo XC60 is another good pick for your next used car near Pittsburgh! It’s one of the most well-reviewed luxury SUV’s, but it doesn’t have that same “museum-quality” that makes you afraid to touch anything on the inside. It’s luxury, but accessible. The fuel economy is good, as is the ride quality, and reviews indicate that it’s quite reliable long-term as well! Volvo has long been responsible for sleeper hit vehicles, and the XC60 is no exception! It might not be the vehicle you’ve been dreaming of, but once you take it for a test drive, that will certainly change! It even keeps track of how drowsy you are and takes measures to prevent accidents from happening. They really thought of everything, and the effects of that will be sure to leave an impression on you! https://www.castlecarcompany.com/vdp/18389088/Used-2020-Volvo-XC60-T5-FWD-Inscription-for-sale-in-Pittsburgh-PA-15222

Porsche Macan

Let’s get into something even more luxurious! If you’re going to be handling the backroads of PA, do it in style with the Porsche Macan. It’s in the same neighborhood as the aforementioned XC60, but faster, sportier, and more powerful. The ride quality is incredible, and from our experience in the car market, it’s also a long-term competitor when it comes to reliability! The fuel economy does leave a little bit to be desired, but if costs are what you’re concerned about, the Porsche Macan isn’t really what you’re looking for. If you’re still on board, though, you can expect an amazing ride quality, high-end cabin materials, including seating, all wheel drive and an impressive array of safety features. This SUV will have you smiling from the time it starts until you arrive, no matter where you’re going. The only downside we can see is the relatively cramped back seat, but when you’re the one driving, you won’t mind one bit. https://www.castlecarcompany.com/vdp/18510767/Used-2018-Porsche-Macan-S-AWD-for-sale-in-Pittsburgh-PA-15222

Now that you’ve seen a few of our favorite picks for used cars for sale in PA, we’d like to hear your thoughts as well! Follow us on Facebook and let us know some of your favorite vehicles out on the road right now! If you’re looking to buy something in particular, do check out our vehicle locator service, as we can find you just about anything as long as you provide the information we need on the vehicle! When it comes to “used cars near me,” Castle Car Company won’t be beat!