If you’re in the market for trucks, used or otherwise, it’s important to know how different it can be from buying a car. While the overall transaction is the same, there are several key differences that affect the way you should approach the buying process. If you’ve found yourself searching “for sale used trucks” recently, we think it’s best if you take a look at our guide on making sure you drive away happy with your new truck, and just as happy with the payments that come with it!

This is a bit more focused on the specifications of the truck, as your needs can vary as much as what you haul with it. In the sale of trucks, size, towing capacity, seating room and more can all factor into the final product you need to get your hands on, but beyond that, what can you do as an informed consumer to make the process easier, smarter, and more cost-effective for yourself? Read on to find out!

1. Look for the truck online first, don't walk the lot and look for one.

Once you’re in a dealership, they tend to have more control, and you’re more likely to walk away with SOME kind of vehicle regardless. While not all salespeople are pushy, they do have a vested interest in making sure that you leave with a vehicle, or at least come back to purchase one you’ve had your heart set on once you saw it.

When it comes to the sale of trucks in particular, the right one can really grab your attention, so it’s critical to keep composed, level-headed, and focused on your budget.

While everyone imagines themselves coolly shooting down any overpriced deal, the reality is that you’re only engaging in a vehicle sale once every now and then, whereas the salesperson spends each and every day refining their craft. If you’re looking for Pittsburgh trucks for sale, take a look at our inventory!

2. Focus on the total price of the truck.

One trick that a lot of dealerships try to pull is getting you focused on the monthly payment instead of the overall cost of the truck. While it might be nice to get a nice, low monthly payment, you could be paying on the vehicle for far longer because of it.

This is why it’s crucial to make sure you’re focusing on the total cost, as the only way to lower the monthly payment besides lowering the overall price is to extend the length of time that you’re paying for it. Our dealership tries to simplify the process as much as possible, so if one of our vehicles caught your eye, you can look at our loan calculator to find out what you'd be paying overall, and apply for financing through us as well!

3. Look over the documentation before you sign it.

A lot of the money a dealership can make on a transaction comes down to the extra services you may not have even known were part of the deal. Things like paint protection, extra insurance/warranty policies, In addition, if making a trade, make sure that the value of your vehicle isn’t simply being added in some way to what you’ll be paying for the truck.

If your trade is only worth 1,000, but the dealership is offering you 3,000, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that they added that extra 2,000 onto the cost of the vehicle, making the higher trade-in value effectively worthless. In fact, it’s recommended to confirm the final price of the vehicle you’re buying before you address the trade-in value, so the final price isn’t another variable to consider by the time you address what you can get from your current vehicle.

4. Be assertive.

While salespeople are more likely to be friendly and jovial than pushy, questions are often phrased in such a way that there’s never an option to say no. Instead of, “Do you want an extended cab,” it may be phrased as “Are you looking for a shorter or longer cab?” There’s two options, which means you’re more likely to pick one over the other, but there’s not a chance for the idea of negativity to enter.

If you’re leaning away from a deal, a salesperson is a lot more likely to double down or try to negotiate further. There’s nothing wrong with this, as this is their job as well, but it’s important to never feel like you’re obligated to go through with the sale. You’re both occupying each other’s times, and the outcome of the sale will end up affecting you far more than it will for the salesperson.


With these in mind, you should be much more ready and capable of finding the Pittsburgh trucks for sale you’ve been looking for! Do your research, find one that you really like, and make sure you’re not getting overcharged for it. Our other blog posts discuss what to look for, what to know in advance, and far more about the car buying process, which you can read here! At Castle Car Company, we focus on above the line vehicles for below the line prices, and if you live within the Pittsburgh metropolitan area, we also deliver within 300 miles of our New Castle, PA location!